CurrentSAFE® Electrical Hazard Detection – After Lightning Strikes – Residential Lightning Strikes. We highly recommend having a CurrentSAFE® Electrical Hazard Detection test performed on your residence after lightning strikes or your home experiences an electrical surge. We have seen all kinds of damage from a lightning strike. In some instances a lightning strike that hit a home has pulled electrical equipment off the walls; that same surge also damaged the electrical wiring behind the walls! ARC Electric Company’s CurrentSAFE® Electrical Hazard Detection test, is a residential electrical hazard detection service that finds and eliminates electrical hazards. Damage from lightning can be concealed inside of walls; during the CurrentSAFE® process our technician will inspect the wiring inside the walls using minimally invasive tools.

ARC Electric Company has been the “go-to” Electrician in the Charlotte area since 1977 and is proud to be a Christian based, family owned business. Our vast knowledge of Residential and Commercial Electrical Service jobs help set us apart from the competition. ARC Electric Company offers emergency after hours electrical services and proudly offers a 5 year warranty.


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