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Snowy Weather – Power Outages…Stay Prepared!

The meteorologists are calling for more snowy weather and that typically means power outages. With a stand by home generator you won’t have to worry about a power outage. Call us today for your free quote! (704)821-7005

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Home Improvements Going On??

ARC Electric Company rebate photoDid you know that you may be eligible for rebates and incentives if you are purchasing energy saving appliances?
I had no clue until I started doing a little research; Google is such a great tool! I found a few sites that may can help you – but I suggest doing more research on your own(every situation and case may be different). It looked like some towns or cities may offer incentives as well. Also, you may be eligible for federal tax credits. The sites I found helpful are below.
Energy Star offers a “rebate finder” that seemed fairly easy to navigate. CLICK HERE to see if you qualify for any rebates. It does look like they have a database and are pulling rebates from all over the country, so search and see if your electric company, city or town is showing up.
Duke Energy offers a Smart Saver program. CLICK HERE to learn more about this great program!
Piedmont Natural Gas offers a North Carolina Rebate Program, check them out by CLICKING HERE
I was truly surprised to see how many different programs are out there. So, do your research…it may put some money back in your pocket!

CurrentSAFE Findings – Example

You never know what is behind fixtures and in between walls; be safe and have CurrentSAFE’s Electrical Hazard Detection (EHD) test performed!
CurrentSAFE’s EHD is the most comprehensive diagnosis of your homes electrical system! ARC Electric Company’s specially trained CurrentSAFE Technician can locate concealed electrical problems by providing this revolutionary electrical testing on residential properties without having to dismantle, damage or cut into any parts of the home. CurrentSAFE’s unique testing process ensures the electrical safety of a home along with reducing the risk of fire or electric shock by exposing any potential hazards that can and should be corrected.
**This was actually found in a customers home during a CurrentSAFE EHD test; the infared gun picked up temperatures of 249 degrees.

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