CurrentSAFE Certified

ARC Electric Company is Certified to offer you CurrentSAFE and perform EHD testing!

ARC Electric Company sent several staff members to Pittsburgh, PA to become CurrentSAFE certified. Our staff has completed several weeks worth of training and were led by CurrentSAFE management and the Founder, Kevin Dickey! Our staff has in classroom knowledge and on-site experience with CurrentSAFE, its programming and electrical fire safety. Who better to learn from than the professionals who helped start this program many years ago.
Meet The Team
Before opening up and offering to the Charlotte and surrounding cities our staff used several real homes to perform an EHD test. While performing these tests all staff members received additional hands on training with the Electrical Hazard Dectection software and equipment. One home tested was Whitney’s, she is our CurrentSAFE Administrator, her home was built in 1908 and she is more than happy to tell you about her experience and knowledge on CurrentSAFE.
It has been over a year since we brought CurrentSAFE to the Charlotte market and since then our team has had multiple hands on experiences, in classroom training and webinars. CurrentSAFE and ARC Electric Company spend time making sure the staff is properly informed on the changes and features going on. We are constantly learning, adding and making your experience as best as possible.