Decorating Safely with Kids

Read manufacturer’s instructions and warning labels for any decoration that will be used around young children, like electronic trains or animatronic dolls. Note if it is appropriate for their age group and determine whether adult supervision is required; plan accordingly.
Keep candles, matches, and lighters out of reach.
Never leave children unsupervised when candles are lit.
Instead of traditional candles, try using battery-operated candles so you can avoid the hazards associated with open flames.
Strings of lights and garland are staples of holiday decorating, but they can also pose a strangulation hazard. They should never be used as playthings.
In homes with small children, try to avoid using decorations that are sharp or breakable. Otherwise, remember to place glass and breakable ornaments out of the reach of small children.
Avoid putting Christmas tree lights, ornaments, metal hooks, and other small, “mouth-sized” decorations near the ground or on lower limbs where they may be easily reached by young children.
Holly berries, wax fruits, and other decorating items also present choking hazards. Remember to keep this in mind when arranging your decorations.
Cover any unused outlets on extension cords with plastic caps or electrical tape to prevent children from coming in contact with the live circuit.
Place electrical cords out of the reach of small children.
Never allow children to play with lights, electrical decorations or cords.