Electrical Hazard Detection


CurrentSAFE® Electrical Hazard Detection (EHD) test is a non-destructive test of a residential homes electrical system. An EHD is performed to find hidden electrical problems, which pose a great risk of fire. A CurrentSAFE® Electrical Hazard Detection test can be used to evaluate electrical systems after a lightning strike or an electrical power surge!

A few of our proven testing devices include:
* Infrared Thermographic Imager
* Ultrasonic Sound Detector
* Circuit Analyzer
* Ground Resistance Tester … just to name a few!

You Can Trust Our CurrentSAFE Trained Electrician
Certified Infrared Thermographer – Our electrician has attended the Infrared Training Center program and has received Level 1 Infrared Thermographic Imaging Certification, which includes classroom and on-site inspections.
Ultrasonic Sound Detection Qualified – CurrentSAFE® electricians have attended rigorous classroom training for Ultrasonic Sound Detection, which requires hours of actual on-site experience to clearly identify corona, tracking, and arcing, the three stages of electrical discharge and the primary causes of electrical fires. Our electricians use this tool on a daily basis to professionally identify your electrical problems.
Because we are an Electrical Hazard Detection service, we use many testing tools to identify electrical problems in your home. Some of the testing equipment includes Ground Resistance Testers, Circuit Tracers, Circuit Analyzers, True RMS Voltage Testers, and True RMS Current Testers. Our electricians are CurrentSAFE®-certified in the proper operation and diagnostic capabilities of all testing equipment.