Electrical Panel Safety Alert Series

Recently, we came across a very informative electrical panel safety alert from a consumer safety company – we will be covering various aspects of this alert, including Federal Pacific panels and Zinsco panels over numerous blog posts. I also wanted to touch on this series so you can be informed, covering some very basic electrical knowledge that not everyone knows.
A panel box is a critical part of your home’s electrical system; it distributes and receives electricity all day long. The breakers inside of a panel box are designed to protect your home from short circuits, over-currents and any damage they may cause. Electrical experts believe with regular maintenance your electric panel can properly function and protect your home for 30 years or more.
If you suspect you may have a Federal Pacific Electric panel, older Zinsco Electrical panel, an outdated electrical panel in your home or haven’t had your panel inspected recently – it is recommended you call a qualified licensed electrician. Call us – we would be glad to help or advise on necessary steps needed.
If you are having electrical issues and just want a whole home electrical inspection, we can help as well. Our CurrentSAFE Electrical Hazard Detection test is the most comprehensive diagnosis of your homes electrical system! CLICK TO LEARN MORE!