Electrical Panel Safety – Outdated Panels

Many outdated electrical service panels can’t handle current electrical needs and this may leave your home open to potential hazards. Now, more than ever, we rely on electricity to power our lives; electronics, appliances, clock radios, chargers and the list could go on. While newer homes and the electrical panels are built to hold current loads, older homes with older outdated electrical panels were built before many of these modern, electronic conveniences.

Unless it’s been upgraded, electrical systems in older homes cannot safely handle the demands of today’s society.

Outdated panel boxes can present major issues; among a variety of older panels, there are two distinct types that should be upgraded. Both offer a unique problems to homes; one type is a fuse box and one is a split-bus panel.
Fuse Boxes were the precursor to the electrical panel box. When an over current or short circuit happened, a fuse would pop and blow out; having to be replaced. This would get costly and on occasions people would put the wrong amp fuse back in – this would become a fire hazard.
Split-bus panls create a unique challenge – these panels do not have a main breaker; they have a smakker breaker feeding the bottom half of the panel. The smaller breakers have beenknown to melt or burn due to excessive strain.

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