Electrical Safety Around the Home

Electrical power is a true miracle – it infuses your home, keeps your life running smoothly and illuminates every aspect of your life. However, power has its price – treat your electrical system with respect.
* Be alert for problems. Keep a careful eye out for electrical hazards at home. Having a CurrentSAFE EHD test could help you know what is going on behind your walls!
* Know your circuit box. Most homes have a central circuit box or breaker panel. This service box controls delivery of power to different areas of the home. At the circuit box, you can cut power to any — or all — areas of the home.
* Test GFCIs monthly. Ground fault circuit interrupters, known as GFCIs, are special outlets used in kitchens, bathrooms and utility areas — anywhere water is present. GFCIs have a sensor that detects fluctuations in electrical current; when current surges, they shut down to protect against shock. GFCIs have small colored buttons that permit you to reset a tripped circuit. The red “test” button allows you to test the GFCI. Test GFCIs monthly, and after any thunderstorms, to be sure their protective function continues to work. Replace them if they no longer trip when the “test” button is pressed.

Prevent shock hazards and system outages by observing these safety rules:
* Use hair dryers safely. Keep hair dryers away from water in sinks and bathtubs.
* Take the right precautions. Unplug appliances before you clean them, and never carry a small appliance by the cord.
* Avoid overloading. Don’t overload outlets with multiple cords, or try to force a plug into an outlet where it won’t fit.
* Avoid extension cord hazards. Don’t run extension cords beneath rugs, under carpets or across doorways.
* Childproof electrical outlets. Install childproof outlet caps on electrical outlets in households with young children.
* Check light bulbs. Make sure that light bulbs have the correct wattage for the lamp in which they’ll be used.


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