Extension Cord Related Hazards this Holiday Season

While extension cord safety is a year round concern, use of these devices is often more prominent during the holidays due to the increased use of electrical lights and decorations. By following a few simple safety guidelines hopefully you can help prevent dangerous mistakes with extension cords this holiday season.

Purchase cords from authorized retailers. Never use an extension cor that does not carry the certification label of a recognized testing laboratory such as Underwriters Laboratories (UL), Intertek (ETL) or Canadian Standards Association (CSA). Keep all outdoor extension cords clear of snow and standing water and well-protected from the elements.
Make sure extension cords are properly rated for their intended use – indoor and outdoor – and meet or exceed the power needs of the device being used. Examine cords before each use. Cracked, frayed, or otherwise damaged cords should be replaced immediately. Do not overload exension cords. Multiple plug outlets must be plugged directly into mounted electrical receptacles, they cannot be chained together. Extension cords are meant to provide a temporary solution and should not be used as a long-term pr permanent electrical circuit. Do not run cords through walls, doorways, ceilings or floors.