Fun Electrical Facts

lightning strike
When lightning strikes, it flows from the cloud to the ground, but the part we see is actually the charge going from the ground back up into the cloud.

Iceland, Norway, Finland, and Sweden consume the most electricity per person in the world, and Icelanders most of all, reports NASA.
Although they don’t shine noticeably bright in the satellite image, don’t be fooled. Together the smelting plants use more than five times as much electricity as all of the country’s inhabitants.

The world’s biggest light bulb is located in Edison, NJ.
If you’re ever taking a scenic drive across New Jersey look for the 134-foot tower. The Thomas Alva Edison Memorial Tower stands on the site of Edison’s Menlo Park laboratory where he perfected the first commercially practical incandescent light bulb. The 13-foot tall bulb sits at the top of the tower and is meant to represent Edison’s most famous invention.
Pearl Station Manhatten
The first central power plant in the U.S. was Pearl Station, in Manhattan. It was built in 1882 and served 85 customers.
The first electric bill was sent to the Ansonia brass and copper company on 18 January 1883 and was for $50.44. There were other costs to customers as well—light bulbs themselves cost $1.00 each, a high price in the 1880s.

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