Hiring The Right Electrical Contractor For You!

Finding a qualified electrician can be easier than finding the right carpenter or plumber. You can hope for a great level of competence when an electrician shows you his state license, but this might not always be the case. When searching for the right “Pro” for you – consider asking a few questions and doing a little online research.
Check Credentials
An electrician should be licensed by your state. You can find out about local license requirements in your area from the local building department or official. To practice as an electrician, trainees must pass an examination that tests their understanding of electrical theory, local and state electric and building codes, and electrical theory.
ARC Electric Company holds an Electrical License in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and Virginia.
Check Insurance
An electrician should have liability insurance so they are covered if they or anyone else is hurt during or as a result of their work, or if property or fittings are damaged.
ARC Electrical Company has all the necessary insurance that is needed for our line of work, we are more than happy to provide you with this information!
Business Reputation
You always want to know how long a business has been around and what kind of reputation they have in the area. You also want to check any online reviews that may have.
ARC Electric Company opened its door in the Spring of 1977 by Larry Harrill, Chris Harrill’s (our company President) father. Throughout the years Larry and Chris have built a business that specializes in Residential and Commercial electrical jobs!
Online Presence
In today’s technologically advanced world, a company without any online presence is not a bad sign or an instant “NO”. But some should keep this in mind when looking for the right pro. Does the company you are looking at have a gallery, reviews, staff page and so on.
At ARC Electric Company we take great pride in our website, our blog, our social media and on-line presence. We are constantly updating our sites and hope you enjoy them!
You should always hire an Electrician who can offer some type of warranty on their work.
ARC Electric Company offers an impressive 5 year warranty on all work performed!