Home Inspection Reports

When buying or selling a home, its common to have a home inspection performed on your home. Quite often we are asked to look at the home inspection reports to quote repairing electrical issues found within the home. If you need a quote on repairing issues, please give us a call, it’s as easy as sending over the electrical portion of your report for someone to look over.
Lastly, I found a useful article from “Fresh Home” on 10 Things Every Buyer Should Know About Home Inspections.
“We’ve compiled a list of 10 Things Every Buyer Should Know About Home Inspections. Give it a glance before you send the inspector out to view your new property. It will give you the ability to go into the transaction feeling more informed and better able to advocate for yourself.” Read it here.
Not buying or selling a home? We suggest a yearly DIY inspection on your property. Read our latest blog post about it.
As always, give ARC Electric Company a call if we can help you with your home inspection report or if you have any electrical repairs that need taken care of. We have been servicing Charlotte and surrounding cities since 1977.