If You Had An Electrical Hazard, Would You Want To Know?

April 2016 CurrentSAFE
If your home had an electrical hazard, would you want to know? CurrentSAFE is the most comprehensive diagnosis of your homes electrical system! ARC Electric Company’s specially trained We can locate concealed electrical problems by providing this revolutionary electrical testing on residential properties without having to dismantle, damage or cut into any parts of the home. Why CurrentSAFE®? * Greatly reduce the risk of electrical fire * Identify and eliminate shock hazards * State-of-the-art electronic testing equipment * Non-destructive testing. If lighting strikes, we can help! * 1 out of every 200 homes are struck by lightning every year * A bolt of lightning can reach temperatures of 50,000 degrees. If you believe your home may have been struck, CurrentSAFE® Electrical Hazard Detection can assess any hidden damage to your electrical system. Insurance Claims Every insurance agent and adjuster wants to satisfy their customers by settling claims quickly while providing them with the settlement they are entitled to. CurrentSAFE® works closely with insurance companies to make that happen.