Indoor Electrical Safety Tips for Kids

Here are some great indoor electrical safety tips for your home and family. Electricity, when handled improperly, can be very dangerous and demands great respect from kids and adults in order to prevent accidents. My son is 4 and I am constantly reminding him of these safety concerns!

Electrical Safety Tips for Kids
*Never turn on a light switch or electrical appliance while you are wet or while you are in the bathtub.
*Be careful not to leave electrical cords where people might step on them. Wear and tear on the cord can cause it to become unsafe.
*Check electrical cords for exposed wiring before plugging anything in. If you see a worn-looking cord, point it out to an adult.
*Never put any object other than a plug designed for that purpose into an electrical outlet. If you have questions about whether a plug is safe to use, ask your parent or a teacher.
*Never touch electrical outlets with your fingers or with objects.
*Ask an adult to help you change light bulbs. Always turn lamps and other light fixtures off before changing a bulb.
*In case of an electrical fire at home get out of the house, then call the fire department and an adult. Never use water to try to put out an electrical fire—you could be electrocuted.