Out-Dated Smoke Alarm and CO Detectors – Oh My!

I, Whitney, constantly remind our customers through social media, email blasts and our blog post to check their Smoke Alarms and CO Detectors on a monthly basis. We ask that you test these monthly to make sure they are in proper working order – they could save your life!
Many years ago my parents brought their 2005 model camper from Myrtle Beach to Lake Tillery and made it a permanent site in a nearby campground. I have camped in a camper all my life with my parents and continue to do so with my husband and son. Over the weekend, while lying on the floor with my son playing in the camper at Lake Tillery I happened to look up and see the Smoke Alarm and CO Detector and it dawned on me that I have NEVER checked these. NEVER! And I am quite sure my parents have never either. It was like a light bulb went off – how could I never have checked these?
My husband tried to check them and of course, NOTHING. He took the covers off and the batteries are dead, dead, dead. While he had the covers off I checked the manufacture date and of course, they had never been changed! So here I have a dead Smoke Alarm and CO Detector and it was over 10 years old. I felt horrible. I sent my husband and father to the store to get these replaced ASAP.
While over all these years it has never dawned on any of us to check these, it still needed to be replaced. This could have been a very deadly mistake. Campers and Manufactured homes tend to go up fast in flames and sometimes even the earliest detection of flames could save your life.