Outdated and Potentially Hazardous Panels

Outdated and Potentially Hazardous Panels Should Be Inspected Immediately!
The panel box is one of the most important parts of a home’s electrical system. It constantly distributes and receives electricity. The breakers in the panel boxes are designed to protect homes from over currents or short circuits and any possible damage they may cause. With regular maintenance by a licensed electrician, experts say that today’s panels can function properly and hopefully protect homes for 30 years or more.
If you suspent that you may have a Federal pacific Electric Panel, an older Zinsco panel, an outdated panel in your home, or in any event, you have not had your panel inspected recently, we recommend that your panel be inspected immediately by a qualified electrician.

If you believe you may have one of these panels, please call ARC Electric Company for a free estimate to upgrade your electrical panel (704) 821-7005