Outdoor Electrical Safety Tips for Kids

Hopefully you read our recent blog post about Indoor Electrical Safety Tips for Kids – if not CLICK HERE to read it. Now lets go over some electrical safety tips for our kids outside.
outdoor electrical safety tips for kids
*Never climb utility poles, transmission towers, or fences around electrical plants or substations! If you see other people doing these things, tell an adult you trust right away.
*Stay away from areas or buildings marked with signs that read “Danger: High Voltage.”
*If you enjoy climbing trees, avoid trees that are near electrical power lines!
*Never, ever touch an outdoor electrical pole or wire that has fallen to the ground!
*Come inside during a thunderstorm (or even occasional flashes of lightning with no rain)!
*Never swim during storms – as soon as you hear thunder or see lightning, get out of the water!
*Call 911 if you see a person who has been or is being electrocuted. Do not touch the person because they could be carrying the flow of electricity!