Polar Vortex….Preparedness?

Are you prepared for a natural disaster? Polar Vortex? Tons of snow and ice, causing a power outage? Do you have a KOHLER home generator backing your home up?
“The polar vortex is not a recently discovered phenomenon; in fact, it has been talked about in the meteorological world for decades,” AccuWeather.com Senior Meteorologist Bernie Rayno said. A polar vortex is a large pocket of very cold air, typically the coldest air in the Northern Hemisphere, which sits over the polar region during the winter season. The frigid air can find its way into the United States when the polar vortex is pushed farther south, occasionally reaching southern Canada and the northern Plains, Midwest and northeastern portions of the United States. This year, predictions say it will be worse than last year, but I always say no one really knows but the big man upstairs.
Whatever the natural disaster may be, you have to stay prepared! So, that means installing a whole home generator; it takes all the worry away! Whole home KOHLER generators start up instantly, usually within seconds of an outage, and provide worry-free emergency power to support your homes electrical needs for days, possibly even weeks. Generators are a clean and quiet, automatic backup power, just what your family needs to be safe and comfortable.
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