Prepare for the Next Outage

At ARC Electric Company we stress preparedness – whether its having smoke detectors properly installed in your home, or having a CurrentSAFE test done to make sure your home’s electrical is top notch or even having a whole home generator installed. We want you to be prepared for anything – so why not prepare for the next power outage?
Sometimes Mother Nature throws the South a curve ball and we temporarily lose power due to a storm, sometimes our power companies have issues causing homes to lose power and sometimes human error can lead to an entire block being without power. Whatever the reason is, be prepared for the next outage!
After our most recent storm and outage, we received several calls inquiring on a whole home generator. One homeowner even mentioned they had a portable generator, but typically when they need it the weather is rough and its in storage and its a hassle. On top of a portable one being a hassle, it doesn’t come on within seconds of an outage like a whole home generator with an automatic transfer switch would do. Sometimes peace of mind is the best feature. For me, knowing my heat will still run and my freezer will still get power during any outage is worth this purchase.
While ARC Electric Company offers several different brands of whole home generators, we strongly recommend KOHLER whole home generators. KOHLER Generator offers some of the best warranties in the business with an impressive 5-year, 2,000-hour warranty protection, plus a corrosion-proof enclosure that’s built to last. (14kW and 20kW models feature corrosion-proof enclosures; all other models feature corrosion-resistant enclosures.)

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KOHLER Whole Home Generator - ARC Electric Company

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