Reminder…Check Your Smoke/CO Detectors Monthly

This morning we had a crew working at an apartment complex in Charlotte, while on-site working they heard another units CO Detector go off. The residents of the unit did the right thing by calling 911 and having the fire department come out. The local fire department evacuated the entire building and is in the process of determining the cause and making the area safe. The residents in this unit are lucky they had working CO Detectors because this could have ended completely different. This is just a reminder to please check your Smoke and CO detectors monthly! Below is a video from NFPA (National Fire Protection Agency) on the importance of CO Detectors. Also, below you will see a CO Safety handout with great safety pointers (we also have one for Smoke Alarm Safety – CLICK HERE)! ARC Electric Company is always thinking of our customers and want to make sure you put safety first! Please give us a call if we can help in anyway. 704-821-7005

ARC Electric Company and CO Safety