State Officials Warn of House Fire Dangers

It is only the second week of February and North Carolina state fire officials are saying we’re off to a bad start in terms of the number of fatal house fires that have been reported. “We’re three times the amount of fires we (had) at this point last year,” said state Fire Marshal Brian Taylor, adding that the fatalities occurred during blazes that could have been prevented. “The majority of the fires are space heater related, (and) we’ve had a few kerosene heater” fires.
Fire authorities say home fires can result when residents, desperate to stay warm, use the kitchen’s oven to heat their homes. “The wiring cannot support the long-term use of those, and so we’ve seen some electrical fires.”
Taylor said the house fire shown recently on the NBC drama “This is Us” is also helping to raise awareness about the dangers of home house fires. State officials said residents should ensure they have working smoke detectors and should never return to a burning home after making it out safely.
Officials say residents should remember to:
* Always plug space heaters into the wall.
* Don’t use an extension cord.
* Keep space heaters on the floor and at least 3 feet away from curtains, clothes and furniture.
* Do not use your stove / oven as a source of heat for your home

The Office of the State Fire Marshals mission is to provide excellent customer service to the citizens of North Carolina in protecting lives and property through education, engineering, enforcement and fire investigations. You can learn more about them by clicking here.
Story first posted on WRAL – State fire officials warn about house fire dangers