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Home Improvements Going On??

ARC Electric Company rebate photoDid you know that you may be eligible for rebates and incentives if you are purchasing energy saving appliances?
I had no clue until I started doing a little research; Google is such a great tool! I found a few sites that may can help you – but I suggest doing more research on your own(every situation and case may be different). It looked like some towns or cities may offer incentives as well. Also, you may be eligible for federal tax credits. The sites I found helpful are below.
Energy Star offers a “rebate finder” that seemed fairly easy to navigate. CLICK HERE to see if you qualify for any rebates. It does look like they have a database and are pulling rebates from all over the country, so search and see if your electric company, city or town is showing up.
Duke Energy offers a Smart Saver program. CLICK HERE to learn more about this great program!
Piedmont Natural Gas offers a North Carolina Rebate Program, check them out by CLICKING HERE
I was truly surprised to see how many different programs are out there. So, do your research…it may put some money back in your pocket!

Why Do I Need an Eaton Complete Home Surge Protector Device?

If you are like me, a surge protector is the long strip you plug 1,200 different plugs into. Well, maybe not 1,200 but you see what I mean. A surge protector is a convenient way for me to plug in my TV, Satellite box, PlayStation, Wii, Sound bar, etc. While that is a useful device, this is not what their main purpose, who knew?

A surge protector is a device that shields computers and other electronic devices in the event of an electric power flow from the power supply. In the video below you will see how the strip surge protectors saved homeowners appliances and electronics. But, did you ever stop and think about your AC Unit, your furnace, your sub pump, stoves, refrigerators and so on?

Consider a whole home surge protection device!

The main job of Eaton’s Complete Home Surge Protection Device is to provide premium surge protection for AC power, telephone and cable at the point of entrance to the home. Protection at this location will reduce surges entering the home to an acceptable level for your home electronics and appliances. Surges, even though brief, can fry equipment wires or gradually over time will wear down the devices internal components, causing a malfunction.

Spending $425 on installing a whole home surge protector, could save you thousands and the hassle of dealing with your insurance company. At this time, we are offering a $50.00 off coupon on our Coupon Page, so technically it’s only $375! CLICK HERE to print this valuable coupon off.