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Do I Need A Whole Home Generator?

KOHLER Generator installed by ARC Electric Company
The simple answer is YES!
A whole home generator keeps your home running smoothly when an unexpected outage hits. Generators provide worry-free emergency power to your homes electrical needs. If you experience occasional power outages you are a great candidate for a whole home generator. ARC Electric Company proudly supplies and installs KOHLER, Generac and Briggs & Stratton whole home generators. Below are a few FAQ on generators. Hope they are helpful. Please call us today to schedule a FREE estimate on your generator today – (704) 821-7005!
How does a Generator work?
The whole home generator is comprised of two basic parts – the transfer switch and the generator itself. The transfer switch monitors the electricity coming in from the utility. When it detects the power has stopped, it sends a signal to the generator, which starts running. The house then receives the electricity being generated at your home. When the power is restored by the utility, the transfer switch transfers the home’s electrical needs to the utility and turns the generator off. All of this is done without involvement of the homeowner.
Do I need a whole-house generator?
When the power to your home fails a whole home generator will kick in automatically providing you with continuous power to essential appliances. Many people can live without lights in the bedroom, but have you considered that no electricity in your home means:
* Food spoils in the refrigerator.
* Basements can flood because sump pumps stop working.
* Water may stop flowing if you are on a well pump; worse still, sewage may back-up into the house if you have a septic pump.
* The heat shuts off even if you use natural gas, propane, or oil. No electricity means those devices won’t work either.
* Security – you are sitting, possibly alone, in a dark home. Security systems will start to fail after just a few hours.
* Telephones fail or you can’t charge your cell phones or tablets.
* Excessive heat. Who likes living in a home with no air conditioning, no fans, and no cool drinks while waiting for the power to be restored?
* Medical needs. Do you care for someone who may need electricity for health reasons or is weakened and can not handle extremes of temperature?

What size generator will I need?
The answer is “that depends”. Smaller electrical loads need smaller generators and bigger loads require bigger generators. We will be glad to help you decide what electrical loads are important to you and then engineer the proper size generator to meet your needs. We do offer FREE Generator quotes – call us to schedule your appointment today! (704) 821-7005.
How big is the generator?
Generators are actually quite small. Air cooled units (up to 20 kW) take a 3’ x 5’ mounting area and are nominally 2’ wide, 4’ long and about 2.5’ tall. Liquid cooled units are a about a foot longer in each direction.
How loud is a whole home generator?
It depends on the unit, but in general they are no louder than an air-conditioner compressor.

Generator Financing…

Inside Picture of Kohler Generator ARC Electric CompanyDid you ARC Electric Company offers financing for their generators? You can get 0% financing for 12 months. It’s quick and easy and once approved we can install your generator within a few days. Call us today to schedule your free estimate for a whole home generator!

KOHLER …Now that is a generator!

In case you didn’t know this blog is written by Whitney. So hi!!!
My husband is a HVAC Service Technician for a company near our home and we stay in touch via texts during the day. Yesterday I received a text with this picture and his caption “Now that is a generator”. I got to looking harder at the picture and it is a KOHLER Commercial Generator….a honkin’ KOHLER Commercial Grade Stand By Generator. Not sure where this was taken, just neat to see one in action. The picture looks deceiving but this sucker is quite large!
Kohler Commercial Stand By Generator

Snowy Weather – Power Outages…Stay Prepared!

The meteorologists are calling for more snowy weather and that typically means power outages. With a stand by home generator you won’t have to worry about a power outage. Call us today for your free quote! (704)821-7005

KOHLER facts

KOHLER Generator Pre-Load Test

When buying any product you want to do your research – this is why we love KOHLER. They test their products continually, not just once but in different scenarios and often! As seen below.
Testing the starting capabilities of Kohler Generators new 12RESV 12kW standby generator. Product specification claims it can start a 5-ton air conditioner with 5kW of pre-load. Video shows the generator starting a 13 SEER 5-ton air conditioner with up to 9kW pre-load.

Don’t Be Stuck Without Power….Get a KOHLER Generator!

KOHLER has a great reputation and carry phenomenal products with a great warranty; which we LOVE companies who trust there product that much to warranty it for 5 years. KOHLER has been in our homes since 1873! It started in our bathrooms and expanding to all rooms of our homes!
Don’t get caught this winter without a generator! A standby home generator keeps your power on during an outage. It’s installed outside your house (like an AC unit) and comes on automatically — whether you’re home or away. All within seconds of a power outage. Plus home generators run on propane or natural gas, so there’s no refueling!

Call us today to set up your FREE on-site assessment (704) 821-7005!
power it all

KOHLER Know How…

To become a KOHLER provider we had to send a technician to a 3 day course in Charlotte to have classroom and hands on KOHLER generator knowledge. We sent Thomas to class with a few other companies and he received great training. Hands on training is the best for electricians and we all know this was very helpful.