Whole Home Surge Protection

What is whole house surge protection? Why is it an important investment for your home safety?
toh-header-logoTo many homeowners surge protection isn’t needed or it is a waste of money. But looking at the larger picture, it is very much needed. You plug your TV into a surge protection strip – why not protect your entire panel? I recently read an excerpt from “This Old House” where a contractor was remodeling a home and suggested surge protection to the family – they declined and later lighting hit the utility pole near their home and electricity went through their home, destroying wiring, appliances and electronics. A few hundred dollar investment could of possibly saved them over $11,000 in repairs. Below is a link to the article. The article also touches on several great key points.
Sometimes homeowners underestimate a surge – an electrical surge will follow any wire into a house — including your phone and cable lines, threatening fax and answering machines, televisions, satellite systems, computers, and modems. Don’t forget about your plugged in appliances, they aren’t exempt from a electrical surge’s wrath. A power surge may last for only a few millionths of a second, but at its worst, it carries tens of thousands of volts, enough to fry circuit boards, crash hard drives, and ruin DVD and home-entertainment systems. A lightning strike has to be less than a mile from the house to cause harm, and in fact most surge-related damage is not caused by lightning. Far more common, if not as dramatic, are surges caused by downed power lines, sudden changes in electricity use by a nearby factory, or even the cycling on and off of laser printers, electric dryers, air conditioners, refrigerators, and other energy-sucking devices in the home. The damage inflicted by these minor power fluctuations can be instantaneous — but may not show up for some time. “You might not even notice it,” says consultant with a firm that installs both residential and commercial surge-protection systems. “Then a year or so later your microwave stops working.”
Mike Holmes, contractor and host of the television show “Holmes on Homes,” and diversified industrial manufacturer Eaton Corporation, a global leader in electrical power management, announced a collaboration to offer homeowners a line of “Holmes Approved” electrical surge protectors. “People never think it could happen, but it happened to me,” said Mike Holmes. “A large electrical surge entered my house and I lost all my electronics that were plugged in. All of them. The first thing I did after replacing everything was install an Eaton Complete Home Surge protector.”
When installed on a home’s breaker box, Eaton’s surge products can help prevent or minimize damage to electronic devices, home appliances and other equipment in the event of electrical surges. Mike Holmes is an advocate for homeowner and building safety. All projects and initiatives undertaken by the star contractor are defined by quality, integrity and trust. Eaton’s product innovation, superior customer service and commitment to doing business right makes the collaboration a logical next step.

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This Old House Article