Why is CurrentSAFE testing so important?

Sometimes people ask us “Why is CurrentSAFE testing so important?”
My answer used to be, “if you had an electrical hazard in your home, wouldn’t you want to know?”
Well, today, my answer changed. While out performing an EHD (Electrical Hazard Detection) Test our technician, Patrick, found 2 gas leaks in our customers attic. Yes, I said 2! This was detected while he was in the attic checking her wiring. This customer’s home was built in early 2001 and was questioning whether or not this test would be good for her home. Well, we haven’t seen the official report yet, but she has stated that the test has been WELL worth it. She called the Gas Company, who shut off her gas and got her pointed in the right direction for getting it fixed. This was something we unfortunately couldn’t help her with. But, we are all very happy Patrick found this issue and this was taken care of. The gas company told her that the tiniest spark would’ve blown her house up.
So, now when people ask me is the test important? I will always tell this story!
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