Why you should always hire an electrician…

I came across an article called “Have You Seen This? Why you should hire an electrician” and it peaked my interest. It is funny and it shows that us wives are always camera ready for a mistake.
“Thanks to Pinterest and HGTV we all think we’re expert DIY pros when it comes to our homes. Quite often we go into our projects with the confidence of a lion only to finish and feel as sheepish as, well, a lowly sheep. You should see the wood floors in my house. Let’s just say the elevation change in my living room is enough to give you altitude sickness. What all this is leading to is the fact that hiring a professional is sometimes the best choice, as this husband and wife duo found out.
This couple decided to make some upgrades to their bathroom, which included some lighting upgrades. While the husband did his absolute best to make sure to put the wiring back exactly as he found it, he found out that electricians got to school for a reason. Go ahead and watch the insanity ensue for yourself, but there is another commentary to be made here besides the merits of hiring a professional. That is the fact that wives consistently find their husbands hilarious and often for all the wrong reasons. As a husband myself, there have been oh so many times that my wife has laughed this hard at my “mistakes.” Anyway, give the video a gander and get a good chuckle as we all learn two valuable lessons: that sometimes we should trust in a professional and that wives will always laugh at husbands’ missteps in the most loving way possible.”

— John Clyde, KSL w/ DailyAmerican.com

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